Light Meals


NASI GORENG                                 USD  5

Fried rice with vegetables and fried egg. 

Selection of chicken or pork sate


MIE GORENG                                  USD  5

Fried noodle with vegetables and fried egg. Section of chicken or pork sate


MIXED SATE                                   USD  7

Mixed of beef, chicken and pork skewers with peanut sauce


IKAN BAKAR                                  USD 10

Marinated grill of snapper with spicy

sauce served with rice


NASI CAPCAY                                USD  7

Mix of vegetable, shrimp, squid with capcay sauce served 





Prices are subject to add tax 12.5%

Restaurant MENU of The Luxury Day Spa & Restaurant RoseHill in Nusa Dua Bali.

Please enjoy our delicious Foods & Drinks

and add one more pleasurable memory to your journey in Bali.

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