Bintang Beach Club is the most clean and fully featured water sports shop in Nusa Dua. Enjoy the exciting fun.
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​Enjoy the biggest safari in Bali and water fun at the Marine Park together with all of your family.
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Dolphin Lodge allows you to interact & play with intelligent dolphins privately in many tricks by way of kissing,hugging and petting.
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800,000 Rp. Discounted
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700,000 Rp. Discounted
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A Must See Show in Bali.

A Spectacle stage with various Indonesian traditional dances.

Enjoy with your family.

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Quick Diving lesson and experience the scuba under the sea
For experienced diver(s) only.
Various diving points available.

Enjoy a day tour to the Lembongan Island with a 45 seater "Aneecha" luxury  yacht.


Enjoy a day tour to the Lembongan Island with a 30 seater "Waka" luxury yacht.


Enjoy a day tour to the Penida Island with a 300 seater "Quick Silver" high speed ferry.

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Safe and fun for most of ages (7-70 yrs old). The Sobek Rafting at Ayung river in Ubud is the best and longest course in Bali. If you like more dynamic course, we recommend you to try the Tellagawaja river also run by Sobek Rafting.
Enjoy cycling along the traditional villages and rice paddies with a guide ​

Rental car with a guide for your sightseeing day tour

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